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Sultan Family

The group was founded by [Late] Jawad A Sultan whose business history spans more than 6 decades in the Sultanate. Son of (Late) Mr. Abdul Redha Sultan, the dynamic Omani entrepreneur, who along with his partners, brought some of the well known International agencies and businesses to the shores of Oman and Kuwait.

The untiring efforts of the founder have been largely responsible for the group?s success in its spheres of activities. Some of the firsts to his credit include:

  • Setting up of the ultramodern retail life style stores in Oman, hitherto a new concept, when it was first introduced.

  • Introducing the entertainment climate in Oman and popularizing it, over time.

To provide world class goods, with superior customer deliverables, is an everyday mission for all at Jawad Sultan Group. Engaging with the stake holders on a real time basis and ensuring that the various businesses of the group meet those avowed objectives, are an ongoing mission.

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