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Travel, Tourism & Hospitality

Life Style & Luxury

Jawad Sultan Travel Agency-JSTA was merged with International Travel Agencies- ITA and post-merger, we have renamed the business as JAWAD SULTAN TRAVEL AND TOURISM LLC. The ownership of the travel agency continues to vest 100 per cent with the Jawad Sultan Family.

We at Jawad Sultan Travels & Tours will offer all types of services offered by a top travel professional which includes:-
Offering one-stop shopping for all travel arrangements
Creating itineraries and travel schedules that mesh with clients' interests
Ferreting out the best prices and schedules
Booking airline tickets and reserving seats
Booking cruises and cruise/tours
Reserving hotels and other accommodations
Arranging for rental vehicles and other ground transportation
Creating specialty tour packages and possibly serving as the tour leader
Arranging customized events, like conventions or destination weddings
Offering travel insurance
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s Advising clients about passport/visa requirements, travel advisories, inoculation needs and other domestic and international travel requirements
Acting as a travelers' advocate (fighting for consumers' rights; assisting travelers with special needs, intervening with suppliers when problems arise)
Coordinating the million or so other details necessary to ensure clients' satisfaction

Corporate travel service business owners often handle a wide range of responsibilities. In addition to booking airline tickets (and adding a service fee to them to offset the zero commission rate) and performing all the other booking services that go along with being a travel agent, corporate travel agents may also offer additional services:-
Finding last-minute deals for last-minute bookings
Offering assistance with visas and passports


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